How to remove redness of skin

How to remove redness of skin

The redness of face skin can be caused by set of the different reasons: beginning from excessive stay in the sun, finishing with frostbite or pointed acne reddening. Reddening can be caused by violation of blood circulation in skin or influence of external irritants.

1. As soon as you have noticed reddening, at once grease it with relaxing cream. In case it has arisen owing to solar burn, use cream not only with the weakening, but also moistening and cooling effect.

2. At solar burn or burn from sunbed skin can also be greased with potato juice or sour milk. Perfectly starch which needs to be imposed on skin several times in day helps. It is also possible to apply compress from juice of aloe, strong black tea or infusion of camomile. By the way, the aloe is universal remedy from skin reddening, that is it is possible to use it at any irritating factor. In case reddening of skin was caused by chemical medicine, at once rinse face with warm flowing water.

3. If expanded vessels became the reason of reddening, drip on the problem place of drop for eyes. If the irritation was caused by pimples, use special dot means for fight against them which in good selection are provided in shops.

4. To hide skin reddenings, it is important and to pick up clothes coloring truly. Consider that having chosen clothes of gentle, pastel colors, you thereby, will draw unwanted attention to the person. Besides, it is worth avoiding red color and also some shades of green. Until you get rid of reddening of face skin, it is necessary to choose such colors of clothes as black, violet, dark brown.

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