How to remove rusty spot

How to remove rusty spot

Spots from rust can appear on your clothes at any time. For this purpose much is not necessary, only the short contact with rusty wet iron suffices. But actually it is not so difficult to remove such spot how can seem at first sight.


  1. Rust is adversely influenced by acidic environment. So, to get rid of spot, take vinegar, lemon juice or usual citric acid. Vinegar needs to be parted in water. And it is very important to observe proportion: 1 part of acid has to fall on 5 parts of water. If you use citric acid, then in 100 ml of water part 10 g of citric acid or juice. The rusty spot needs to be moistened with carefully received solution. Then just heat it the iron. According to type of fabric it is necessary to pick up temperature condition. After that the thing just needed to be washed.
  2. If after all above procedures the rusty spot has not washed off, try to apply on it kerosene. Instead of it it is possible to use aviation gasoline or usual sunflower oil. Leave thing to lie in such state for two hours. Consider that after such cleaning on fabric most likely there will be fat spot. Therefore after the procedure to the place of formation of spot apply usual detergent for ware or the calcinated soda. Then it is necessary to wash thing in warm soap water.
  3. Besides, to get rid of spot of rust the most usual stain remover can help. But it is not necessary even to try to exhaust it bleach. It will only spoil fabric fibers. And already you will correct it nothing, and the thing can only be thrown out after that. Oxygen stain remover on which it is specified that it possesses optical bleaching, and for color - with inscription on packing of "Color" best of all will be suitable for light fabrics.
  4. Happens and so that independently the spot cannot be removed from rust in any way. In such situation use of professional tools will become the only exit. It will be for this purpose better to address in dry-cleaner. There experts without harming material will remove spot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team