How to remove scar after Caesarian

Cesarean section – surgery at which the fruit is taken through section in uterus and in fabrics of belly wall at the same time section can be executed both horizontal, and vertical. Child's birth, certainly, miracle. But operation is operation, after it there is scar, and not always it looks esthetically. Several months later after the delivery there is question: how to remove scar after Cesarean section.


1. It is possible to consider luck if the doctor imposing seam has taken care of that it was accurate. Depending on features of organism, in 8-12 months the seam will turn pale and will become almost imperceptible, especially if he settles down over pubic area across, and processes of regeneration go rather actively and without unnecessary complications. But it is lucky not always and not all.

2. Scars after Cesarean section, as well as any other scars after operations, completely will never clean up, but they can be made less noticeable, almost indiscernible. Today clinics of esthetic surgery rather successfully help to get rid of cicatricial fabric in places of the begun to live surgical cuts by means of the laser.

3. Consult with the doctor before starting elimination of consequences of Cesarean section – between operation and procedures there have to pass at least several months, it is impossible to tell more precisely, the organism of each woman is individual. Besides, for one session the scar cannot be removed. Achievement of result will require several procedures.

4. At first the laser influence directly cicatricial fabric, kind of evaporating it layer by layer, the seam becomes less dense. At the second stage also use the laser, but influence already fabrics around hem. At laser coagulation of the vessels feeding hem, healthy fabric around seam actively grows, and the hem at the same time does not develop.

5. Such method of correction allows to achieve visible results in the painless way and has practically no contraindications. The rehabilitation period after the procedures can last about one week. During this period certain restrictions therefore it is necessary to observe doctor's instructions are imposed.

6. In cosmetology salons the hems after Cesarean section delete by mechanical or chemical peeling more often. In certain cases these procedures can result in the return result – the seam from Cesarean section will become more replaced, and in fabrics around hem the hyperpegmentation will begin. Everything depends on the used equipment and structures.

7. Procedures in cosmetology salons and clinics of esthetic surgery – the last step in disposal of scars after Cesarean section. Take care of minimizing possibility of rough scarring of fabric. During healing of scar use the ointments interfering formation of keloid hems and promoting fast regeneration of fabrics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team