How to remove shortcomings from skin

How to remove shortcomings from skin

Human skin is indicator of condition of all organism. Pimples, peeling, fat content, flabbiness, unhealthy look and other shortcomings are visible to all people around. Their emergence is signal that it is necessary to change something: habits, way of life, food, cosmetics and even, perhaps, work or residence.


1. Skin as nothing else, is the indicator of your state and health. The area of leather of the adult is about 2 sq.m, and its weight – to 15% of body weight. If your organism is full of strength also health, then and skin will have healthy appearance! There are several councils how to have skin, healthy, free from shortcomings.

2. First, it is the correct operating mode and rest. You watch that your suit was clean, preserve it against spots, try not to tear. You, of course, do not overload the private car, try to carry out scheduled maintenance in time. And your organism, your skin have to serve to you much longer! Sophia Loren goes to bed at 8 in the evening. This habit has helped it to work at cinema with the maximum return for many years and to create world masterpieces. And beauty of skin for it – one of components of professional success. Give to your organism sufficient physical activity. It is what neither diets, nor creams can replace!

3. Secondly, correct diet. Problems with digestive tract will be written at you on face. It is necessary to eat well. Better it is less and better! And under "better" do not understand chocolates more expensively, caviar is more red and cakes with layer of cream are thicker. It is less than greasy and proteinaceous food of animal origin. It is more than fresh fruit and vegetables from that area, where do you live, i.e. on season.

4. Use juice freshly squeezed. The academician Bolotov for cleaning of organism, including, for improvement of skin color of the person, suggests to use fresh cake. The fact is that the fruit is electrically neutral, and in the course of pressing juice and cake get heteropolar charges which dissipate in several hours. Cake, passing up to GIT, collects and neutralizes, thanks to the charge, harmful ions from walls of stomach and intestines. Having squeezed out juice, you can drink juice, to give cake to the husband, and next time – on the contrary. Thus you will have double benefit!

5. Thirdly, pay attention directly to cleaning and skin nourishment. to be healthy and beautiful is so simple to help our skin! The dry skin needs to be moisturized and fed, for example with water and oil creams, emulsions. Among folk remedies popularly following: to mix in equal proportions honey and cream (or sour cream) and to apply to face skin for 17 minutes, then to wash away water, it is better cold.

6. Oily skin needs to be cleaned correctly. Are not recommended to abuse alcohol-containing substances. It is possible to make flowers of calendula and mint in equal proportions and to purify with it skin. As mask the carrots grated on small grater well help. Pay attention to bathtubs in celandine broth. The name of plant speaks for itself. Warts disappear if it is regular to grease them with fresh juice of celandine.

7. Natural recipes of beauty much. Try, combine, and you will achieve that your skin will be smooth and beautiful, and in yourself you will find health and harmony!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team