How to remove spots after pimples

How to remove spots after pimples

The awkward age has already passed, skin has ceased ""to revolt"" at the slightest pretext, sebaceous glands have stopped excreting skin fat in industrial quantities. Than not reason for joy? However joy of many girls is saddened by consequences of the pubertal period - spot from pimples and uneven complexion. How to move away them?

It is required to you

  • srub, clay, essential oil of lemon, fresh-water sponge, roll, camomile broth


1. We clean! The correct clarification - the key to success. Any mask, any cream will not be able effectively to work if leather is not purified. Useful substances will not be able just to get through layer of skin fat therefore the stage of clarification should pay much attention. It is possible to wash usual water (if it clean and without harmful impurity), water with addition of cosmetics (gels and skins), water with addition of broth of herbs.

2. We mask! After leather is purified, it is necessary to force blood to circulate quicker. The quicker blood ""moves"" - the quicker spots from pimples come to naught. The easiest way to achieve it in house conditions - to make mask of clay. It is possible to find boxes of almost all flowers in sale: both blue, and green, and pink, and white, and black. For problem skin it is the best of all to use blue and black, for very fat - white clay. Dissolve clay with water to consistence of dense sour cream and put on face. At cultivation it is possible to add lemon juice to clay - it possesses the bleaching action and too will help with fight against spots from pimples. In twenty minutes the mask can be washed away accurately.

3. We direct sight! After leather is purified, it is possible to start ""fighting"" actions. For this purpose we need fresh-water sponge powder. The fresh-water sponge is vodorosol, powder from it are small parts which polish skin, improve blood circulation and help to remove spots from pimples. The fresh-water sponge (powder or gel) is used for resorption of bruises. Spots from pimples are, in fact, the same bruises, only very much small. Dissolve powder with water and pointwise apply on problem places. The fresh-water sponge very strongly dries skin, be not overzealous!

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