How to remove the grown nail in house conditions

How to remove the grown nail in house conditions

There are women who faced the problem of the grown nail caused by genetic predisposition, non-compliance with rules of performance of pedicure, the wrong selection of footwear, availability of fungal diseases and also excess weight or flat-footedness more than once. Thereof it is necessary to take permanent care of nails, and in the presence of the grown nail to remove it in house conditions at the earliest stage (inflammatory process has not begun yet).

It is required to you

  • - baking soda;
  • - Furacilin;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - tea mushroom;
  • - fir oil;
  • - sharp scissors;
  • - alcohol;
  • - Vishnevsky's ointment;
  • - cotton wool.


1. First of all replace the tight, squeezing foot footwear with more convenient (wide or open front part), weakening thereby pressure upon fingers.

2. Before removal soften nails. For this purpose make foot bathtub duration about a quarter of hour, having added to basin with warm water baking soda, Furacilin or it is a little potassium permanganate. By means of the similar procedure you will also disinfect fingers and will weaken inflammation.

3. Use the following recipe of traditional medicine: thin layer of tea mushroom wrap finger with the grown nail, from above cover with film and put on sock; in two days the nail will be softened. Also use the mini-compresses on the basis of fir oil possessing anti-inflammatory action. Upon termination of insert cotton wool piece between nail and skin for reduction of pressure of edge of nail plate by finger.

4. At the next stage the direct removal of the grown nail is carried out. For this purpose prepare sharp scissors with not rounded off ends, having processed them spirit solution. Cut nail plate in a straight line, trying not to leave it too short (it is the best of all to be guided by finger top).

5. File angular part of nail by means of special nail file, eliminating keen edges. After removal apply to the sick site of finger anti-inflammatory ointment, for example, Vishnevsky's ointment. Carry out softening of sore nail and its cutting regularly before full elimination of problem then constantly you hold events for care for nails.

6. In the presence of deep growing of nail see doctor. Perhaps, for its removal it is necessary to resort to the help of the surgeon.

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