How to remove the roller on stomach

How to remove the roller on stomach

The roller from fat and excess skin can spoil even very beautiful figure. The rigid diet helps not always - in food it should be added intensive physical activity, daily self-massage and the quality cosmetics capable to tighten and condense skin to restrictions.

Keep to diet

Without reasonable restrictions in food to get rid of fat it will not turn out. It is not obligatory to go on rigid diet - it is necessary to reduce the number of calories only. Rely on crude and boiled vegetables, fast meat and grain. Eating properly, you will not lose muscle bulk, but will get rid of fat layer and tighten flabby skin.

Remove the products causing abdominal distension from the menu. Barmy bread and pastries, carbonated drinks, sweet fruit and dried fruits belong to them bean in any kind. Take care of that intestines worked smoothly. Include in diet fresh kefir or home-made yogurt without additives, add to it tablespoon of bran. Such cocktail promotes active removal of slags and reduction of volume of stomach.

Eat the products promoting active combustion of fats. Acid berries, celery, ginger concern them. Flavor dishes with fresh ground black pepper and paprika, add spicy herbs and garlic. And here the amount of salt and sugar in food should be reduced to minimum. In day drink not less than 1.5 liters of clean still water - it not only will clean organism and will prevent dehydration, but also will help to muffle hunger.

Gymnastics and massage

The roller on stomach provides not only surplus of skin, but also sluggish muscles of press, especially lower. For their strengthening daily do special gymnastics. Its basis - various twisting. They are carried out lying on floor, on gymnastic ball and bench. Most effective to combine various exercises. Carry out everyone not less than 12 times at good speed. Gradually bring the number of exercises to 16, and number of approaches - up to 4 with rest between sets for 30 seconds. Begin with twisting on floor. Lying on spin, bend legs in knees, foot put in parallel. Extend hands along body. On exhalation lift the body so that shovels came off the earth. Palms have to slide freely on floor. Be late for 8-10 seconds and fall by the earth. This exercise can be repeated, having extended legs, and then having raised them over floor. Very well tighten muscles of press and exercise with crossing of legs. Raise direct legs over floor and do the fast horizontal moves reminding the movement of scissors. What below over floor has raised legs, that big strain is experienced by press muscles. Daily knead the fat roller, pinch from time to time it fingers and pound palm edge. Mass waist until skin is warmed and will redden.

Cosmetics for flat stomach

To get rid of hated fold, all means are good. Use the gels, creams and other means intended for combustion of fat and disposal of cellulitis. They tighten and condense skin, doing stomach to more flat. Choose the means with caffeine addition operating especially effectively. On sale there are creams with the cooling or warming effect. Choose those which seem to you the most pleasant. For strengthening of effect you apply gels and creams twice a day, combining the procedure with active self-massage. It is possible to try also wrappings. Apply cream on the problem site, wind food wrap around waist and you go with such compress several hours. Also regular processing of problem places srub will help. Try fat-burning options of means with natural oils or house srub on the basis of ground coffee.

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