How to remove traces from hems and scars? The best means

How to remove traces from hems and scars? The best means

Hems and scars are consequences of the trauma got as a result of mechanical, thermal or chemical influence. These cosmetic defects represent growth of the connecting fabric forming ledges of irregular shape. For alignment of skin there are both natural, and pharmacological means.

In arsenal of modern cosmetology and surgery there is a lot of means allowing to neutralize consequences of traumatizing skin in the form of the expanded connecting fabric. But allocate two main methods of removal of hems and scars: surgical and invasive.

The choice of method of removal of hems and scars depends on their type. Most difficultly keloid formations respond to treatment therefore the decision on their removal is made only together with the expert: either doctor, or cosmetologist.

With the first questions do not arise, it is worth talking about the second in more detail. There are two of its versions: invasive and noninvasive. In the first case drug is injected in hem of connecting fabric by means of needle and the syringe. In the second – use means for superficial impact on connecting fabric: resorptional ointments, emulsions and gels.

The most effective pharmacological medicines for removal of hems and scars consider Scarguard and ""Contractubex"". The first represents emulsion. This means is completed with small brush by means of which make processing of the expanded connecting fabric.

The emulsion applied on scar after drying turns into the thin film which is pulling together cicatricial growths. The components softening cicatricial fabric, silicone and vitamins are part of emulsion. When using Scarguard within several months, putting it not less than 2 times a day, gain the expressed cosmetology effect: the hem or resolves, or considerably decreases in sizes. ""Contractubex"" – gel which properties are similar. The principle of its action consists in concentration of moisture in connecting fabric that facilitates to the components which are part of gel to soften it. The main of ativny substances allantoin, onions, heparin. Contractubex apply on the deformed site of skin 2-3 times a day. On average, treatment continues within half a year.

The modern cosmetology suggests to remove hems by means of chemical peelings, mesotherapies, laser correction, microcurrent therapy. From novelties it is possible to allocate dermabraziya method (grindings of skin by means of special mills).

If acne consequences in the form of the small hems formed after removal of eels disturb it is recommended to do soft peelings regularly. It is optional to buy expensive medicines, it is possible to prepare effective srub independently. For example, to take sea salt, to crush it in the blender or the coffee grinder and to mix with skin for washing. The good effect gives use for peeling of cosmetic clay. The following structure will help to get rid of small hems: To mix 2 tablespoons of powder of nonsense from 3% hydrogen peroxide which amount has to be such is that mix has turned out smetanoobrazny. This structure is put on face as mask and maintained 5-10 minutes. This way of disposal of hems and scars cannot be used in the presence of inflammatory processes on skin. One more means helping to remove acne consequences – medical paraffin. It can be bought in drugstore. The procedure requires the capacity in which paraffin and cotton shelves will melt. Warm paraffin is applied on hems, maintained within 10-15 minutes and deleted.

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