How to remove volume from hair

How to remove volume from hair

Volume hair - it, certainly, is beautiful! But what to do if your dream - ideally smooth and shiny hairs, and your hairstyle has property to be fluffy and capricious? So, we remember several absolutely simple councils which should using.


  1. Remember: very often hair are fluffy from lack of moisture. The dried-up hair will never be smooth and obedient so first of all it is worth reconsidering the daily leaving. What shampoos and balms do you use? They have to contain moisturizing components, and your hair will be beautiful and smooth!
  2. Very easy way to make hair more obedient and direct - it is simple to rinse them with cold water after washing. Time of hair will be closed, and scales will be smoothed, as a result it will be softer and obedient. Add one-two teaspoons of vinegar to water, it will strengthen the smoothing action.
  3. Every week do masks - nutritious or moistening, depending on type of hair.
  4. Moistening considerably simplifies laying process. So before arming with round brush and the hair dryer, apply on hair light spray with effect of gloss. It is better to choose, of course, thermoprotective - besides, in order to avoid peresushivaniye.
  5. You should not raise hair at roots during laying, just it is better to wind them on brush and to extend accurately down. Choose high quality hairbrush with rigid, but qualitative bristle, and during each procedure the hair will be polished kind of.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team