How to remove wax from hair

How to remove wax from hair

Wax for hair is irreplaceable means of laying. Even the most unruly hair will easily lay down when using wax. However to remove wax from hair – the real problem. But also it is possible to cope with it.

It is required to you

  • - shampoo;
  • - water.


  1. If you have applied a little wax, it is possible to comb hair just carefully. Completely wax will not remove it, but the effect of prilizannost will hide. If you are going to replace shortly hairstyle, for example, to change laying by the evening, put wax minimum that the head was not required to be washed.
  2. If wax performs function of the main laying means (on short hairstyles), or is applied on all perimeter of the head, to schesat it will not come out. Wash the head, especially carefully soaping hair shampoo. Long wash out the head under water jet. You will feel wax on hair if it is not washed away. After use of shampoo continue washing of the head in the habitual way – use balm, mask. However if after washing you do not feel that hair clean and the hairstyle not in the best way looks, so wax did not manage to be washed away.
  3. Then the small cunning will help. This way helps to remove quickly wax from hair. Apply your usual shampoo on dry hair. Means will soften the fat film created by wax and will remove means for laying from hair. Strongly mass during some time, then wash away water. Now wash the head in the habitual way again.
  4. Often you experience difficulties with removal of wax from hair? Next time get means with smaller extent of fixing. Possibly that which you use at the moment, for you too strong.
  5. In especially started cases when wax on hair has got too much, remember folk remedies. Wax will dissolve vegetable or olive oil, but it is necessary to tinker with this procedure. Repeat all listed councils daily. If it does not save – address for consultation the hairdresser. Perhaps, hair should be cut off, or the expert will offer any saloon procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team