How to remove wrinkle on forehead

How to remove wrinkle on forehead

During era of general pursuit of beauty the set of methods of fight against mimic wrinkles is offered to fashionistas. That the charming forehead was not crossed by furrows of wrinkles, it is possible to make independent efforts or to trust in hands of cosmetologists.

1. Do gymnastics for the person. If wrinkles on forehead are not connected with age changes of skin, and are consequence of excessive mimic activity, exercises on strengthening of facial muscles will help. Hold forehead skin fingertips, trying to raise eyebrows, and then, on the contrary, to frown. Regularly carry out gymnastics for eyes, do easy self-massage. You learn to relax muscles. Try to bridle the habit to frown or wrinkle forehead. For this purpose, being at home, paste piece of plaster on forehead or put on special fabric bandage.

2. Return tone to skin. To smooth already created wrinkles, apply various masks with natural components. Mix of rice flour and juice of grapefruit, gruel from polished potatoes and cucumber, mint compresses and also purchased cosmetic products will approach. In the morning and use in the evening the moisturizing cream which will not allow skin to be deformed under the influence of mimic muscles.

3. If it is impossible to control mimicry, and life with wrinkles has bothered you, decide on Botox. After promoting of the procedure for introduction of botulinum toxin (Botox) all female half of the planet was divided in two: on those who do and advise the rest, and those who categorically against. Actually, there is nothing terrible in this procedure: by means of the thinnest needle under skin the poison paralyzing mimic muscles is entered. Having lost ability to frown for several months, you will forget about this habit. Though, of course, after Botox injections the person looks not quite naturally. The procedure has contraindications: pregnancy and period of lactation, individual intolerance of proteinaceous medicines, some types of diseases.

4. Make planimetric face lifting as the most drastic remedy for wrinkles on forehead. When to mimic deformations add age changes of skin, the plastics can become way out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team