How to remove wrinkles on neck house means

How to remove wrinkles on neck house means

Quite often wrinkles on neck arise even earlier, than on face. Reasons for that set: for example, it can happen because of habit to read lying or to sleep on high pillow, sharp weight loss, etc. Will help to tighten the flabby and drooped skin and to smooth wrinkles on neck house cosmetics.

The house masks smoothing wrinkles

The proteinaceous mask differs in high efficiency. For preparation of this elixir of beauty take the following ingredients: - squirrels;

- 1 tsps of glycerin; - small amount of wheat flour.

Enter into the egg white beaten in gentle foam squirt glycerin, and after mix enrich with flour (homogeneous smetanoobrazny mass has to turn out, availability of clots and lumps is not allowed). Further by means of cosmetic brush apply structure to the prepared skin. The recommended usage time of this rejuvenating mix – 20 minutes. After skin rinse with boiled (cool) water and cover with the moisturizing cream.

Proteinaceous and oat mix has amazing effect. Recipe its following: - 100 g of porridge (it has to be welded on water); - protein; - 1 tsps of olive oil; - 1 tsps of juice of lemon. Chicken egg white is beaten and connected to even warm porridge, further mix in olive oil and juice of lemon. Cover with ready mask the prepared skin and leave cosmetic for 18-20 minutes. Wash away the rejuvenating structure the boiled water cooled up to the comfortable temperature.


Perfectly moisturizes the skin and tightens its cucumber. For this purpose take big cucumber, scrape seeds and thin skin, and later cut plates. The cut cucumber is displayed on cotton fabric and wrap neck, and from above wound with food wrap. Hold compress of 20-23 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Also at fight against wrinkles on neck recommend to do berry wrapping. Take berries of strawberry, raspberry and currant (in equal shares) and crush in the blender in gruel. This berry mix with even layer is applied on cotton fabric and wrap neck, and from above wound with food wrap. Not less than 30 minutes hold such vitamin gruel. Then skin is rinsed with cool water and covered with the moisturizing cream. It is also possible to prepare the rejuvenating mix from the following components: - chicken yolk; - 1 tsps of honey; - 1-2 tsps of olive, peach or other vegetable oil. Mix is applied on gauze or cotton fabric and put compress to neck, and from above turned in food wrap. The recommended time of such rejuvenating procedure – 17-20 minutes. Further the compress is removed, rinse skin with cool water and cover it with the moisturizing cream.

Oils at fight against wrinkles on neck

At neck care recommend to use coconut, shipovnikovy, olive, grape oils and oil from wheat germs. Before application oil is slightly warmed up on water bath (if use coconut oil, it needs to be kindled), easy movements applied to the cleaned skin and gently massed 2-3 minutes. In 17-20 minutes by means of cotton pad delete surplus of oil. It is better to perform the procedure before going to bed.

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