How to remove yellow circles under eyes

How to remove yellow circles under eyes

Bruises and puffiness under eyes almost any who leads intensive life has. When there is no time for good rest, and constant stress and gas contamination of the city become habitual living conditions, on face various defects are shown. Not of them yellow circles against which it is more difficult to fight sometimes, than against dark are absolutely usual.


To pick up optimum method of fight against yellow circles under eyes, it is necessary to establish the real reason of their emergence. It is quite possible that they are not independent problem, but symptom of serious disease.

Yellow circles can appear at increase in bilirubin organism. This substance causing "jaundice" and which is actively produced at pathologies of gall bladder and liver. In this case it is necessary to visit urgently doctors (the gastroenterologist, the immunologist, the dermatologist) who are obliged to appoint comprehensive examination. At identification of symptoms of hepatitis, yellow circles as the cosmetology defect accompanying disease, will pass in itself after the course of treatment appointed by the expert.

The surplus in carotene organism can appear less disturbing reason. In that case it is enough to refuse the products supporting him that is, tangerines, carrots and other orange fruit and vegetables. It is important to know that, unlike manifestation of diseases, at the increased contents in organism of carotene the strengthened pigmentation only of skin will be shown. Mucous membranes and whites of the eyes will keep the light, white color. One more factor promoting emergence of yellowness around eyes is the intolerance of UV-radiation. During beach season it is rather simple to be protected by sunglasses and special creams and serums with the increased maintenance of SPF filters.

General recommendations

The general reason which has caused yellowness century can be considered the wrong way of life. Smoking, stresses, sleep debt, decrease in the general resilience of organism to harmful effects of the world around — all this promotes emergence on face of various shortcomings. But also to correct them it appears simply. It is necessary to refuse addictions, to walk in the fresh air more often to provide oxygen exchange in fabrics, to avoid alcohol and whenever possible to get enough sleep, laying down till midnight. Also there is number of the cosmetics helping to clarify skin around eyes and to rejuvenate it. Various serums with the bleaching effect can be found in drugstore. And here miracle ice can be made of green tea independently and to wipe with it face for the night, without forgetting about eye area. Also after removal of cosmetics it is recommended to wash eyes with broth of camomile or sage. You should not neglect masks from natural components. The mask from fresh cottage cheese with parsley juice, polished crude potatoes or mix of fresh cucumber with fat sour cream — each option will revitalize eyelids. It is necessary to put only mask for 15 minutes every day within week. So the eye area will receive necessary substances, skin will be smoothed, and the person will shine beauty and freshness.

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