How to remove yellow color after clarification of hair?

How to remove yellow color after clarification of hair?

If the woman has decided to change cardinally the hair color and to become the bright blonde in house conditions, then can comprehend her unpleasant to consider to become yellow. Yellowing of hair is very widespread problem among lovers of light shades. Especially it concerns those who want to be recoloured in platinum, cold color. Kind of women tried, yellow color after coloring all the same can be shown and it is necessary to fight against it.

Very often at fight against yellow hair it is necessary to carry out number of actions until coloring. Before starting clarification, it is necessary to saturate hair, to cure them by means of special balms and masks for hair. After them it is easier to carry out decolorization of hair, they will not have additional stress any more.

Besides, clarification process also has number of some features. It is necessary accurately pponimat from where it is worth beginning to put reactant. First of all it is better to begin clarification with nape since exactly there is the longest clarification. Only after that it is possible to pass to the middle of the head and at the end to temporal part and frontal. For clarification tips of hair will be the latest, in them there is much less water and they are more subject to fast decolorization.

However, happens so that despite all preventive measures, after clarification the hair begin to show hated yellow color. It occurs because hair are often influenced by factors from the outside: ultraviolet, chlorine in water, lack of food and moistening. To get rid of yellowness, it is necessary to carry out some manipulations:

- First of all, to replace habitual shampoo on that which contains silver or violet colors. Such shampoo can be met in professional shops. It influences yellow pigments and replaces them light.

- To use toning of hair in scale from violet, ashy or ivory of shades. It will help to avoid yellowness. But it is necessary to remember that after clarification the hair are subject to fast coloring and like to turn into unforeseen colors therefore it is necessary to work according to the instruction.

- To use specially filtered water without active chlorine.

If to perform all operations regularly, then the dream to be platinum blonde will be executed, and life can change cardinally to the best.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team