How to remove yellow raid on teeth

How to remove yellow raid on teeth

teeth - the key to success of attractive smile which is capable to kindle any ice in the relations. But often even the most equal teeth are saddened by yellow raid. This unpleasant illness spoils not only smile, but also mood. Several enough simple methods will help to get rid of it.


  1. Use the professional bleaching toothpastes. Myths about unreliability of such pastes are dispelled long ago, they really will help to clarify yellow raid and to give to teeth natural whiteness. The main rule - buy professional pastes in drugstores or dental offices. You should not use them constantly, one month in half a year suffices; in other time apply the usual toothpaste.
  2. Increase rigidity of brush. The toothbrush is more rigid, the more intensively she fights against dental plaque. Consider that it cannot also be applied constantly - there is danger to damage tooth enamel.
  3. Use baking soda. Once a week before use of paste you brush teeth usual soda. Dip the brush moistened with water in powder and with weak pressing rub it teeth within 3 minutes. Then process teeth usual paste.
  4. Activated carbon also promotes elimination of yellow raid. Pound tablet and by means of brush rub powder in teeth. Rinse mouth water and clean teeth usual paste.
  5. Use apples and carrots more often. Rigid vegetables not only develop jaw, but also help teeth to remain naturally white. Take for the rule there is at least one apple a day, - so you will get rid of formation of yellow raid and scale.
  6. At frequent consumption of coffee and cigarettes it is worth thinking of professional cleaning of oral cavity. Notice that it not bleaching, namely cleaning. The stomatologist will save your teeth from foreign pollution (raid, stone and other) and they will get the natural shade again. Such cleaning it is worth carrying out once a year. Bleaching worsens condition of enamel due to chemical influence over time and also gives to teeth unnatural whiteness therefore it is worth refraining from it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team