How to remove yellow shade of hair

How to remove yellow shade of hair

To become the blonde and to clarify hair – dream of many girls, but quite often experiments on clarification come to an end with emergence of unpleasant yellowish shade on hair which upsets owners of light hairstyles. It is possible to get rid of yellowness in two ways – to prevent it, in advance having thought over the scheme and way of painting of hair, or to eliminate on already painted hair by means of modern means.


  1. For prevention of yellowing of hair before painting define, your hair are how healthy, and how evenly they will be painted over. Start clarification of hair only if head skin is completely healthy, and you have in addition conducted course of strengthening and hair recovery. Never clarify the hair weakened by chemical wave and similar procedures.
  2. Clarify hair correctly – you apply paint on occipital part of hair first of all, and then clarify middle part. Right at the end apply the painting structure on bang and temples. Paint over all locks to achieve uniform clarification.
  3. At repeated coloring to get rid of yellowness, paint at first roots, and then tips of hair.
  4. Select special paints which not only will clarify hair for clarification, but also will give them additional beautiful shade which you can choose from palette. Thus, you will be able to become the platinum blonde and to get rid of undesirable yellowness.
  5. If hair, despite everything, have got yellow shade, use coloring shampoo of shade of blond necessary to you, mixing it with ordinary shampoo in proportion 1:3. Several minutes stand structure on hair then wash away. Ashy and silvery shades will allow to neutralize yellow color.
  6. Each three-four washings of the head apply such means, and soon the yellowness will disappear. Than the natural shade of your hair is warmer, especially the shade of the chosen paint – silvery, platinum, bluish has to be cold. These shades will prevent emergence of yellow locks.
  7. Besides coloring shampoo, you can be helped by the professional tinting balms and silver shampoos with violet pigment created for fight against yellowness. The similar structure is also in gray hair shampoos and if you use them, hold such shampoos on hair only several minutes not to cause unnatural shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team