How to remove yellowness after clarification

How to remove yellowness after clarification

Some women aim to become blondes, clarifying the hair by means of various means. However as a result of these manipulations on hair instead of magnificent platinum shade often there is ignoble yellowness of which to get rid without new repainting quite difficult. However, it is possible to remove it nevertheless – and sometimes even without the aid of chemistry.

Reason of yellowing of hair

Most of the blondes who have decided to clarify hair to colder shade faces yellowness. Usually it appears in 8 of 10 cases after the procedure of clarification and arises because of the wrong coloring of hair (low-quality dye, painting violation of the rules, long keeping of dye on hair), washing of the clarified hair flowing water (rust and salts of iron get into structure of the hair unprotected by pigment) and clarification of dark head of hear.

The yellowness after decolorization of dark hair appears as a result of natural process – hair just try to return the natural color.

The wide range of the means allowing to get rid of ugly yellowness is presented at the modern cosmetic market. The most popular of them are coloring and silver shampoos which part the special pigment is, for a long time neutralizing yellow shade of hair. However it is necessary to use silver shampoos very carefully as at overexposure it can give to hair ashy or light lilac color. Also the yellowness can be removed by means of gray hair shampoos, or means on the basis of plant extracts of birch, camomile or nettle.

Natural means

To get rid of unesthetic yellowness after clarification of hair, it is possible to use folk remedies which treat rhubarb, honey, camomile and kefir. For preparation of honey mask, it is necessary to warm enough honey on water bath and to put on length of hair, coating each lock. Then it is necessary to wrap up the head with warm fabric and to wash away honey after several hours. That the clarified hair have gained beautiful and soft gloss, after washing off of mask it is desirable to rinse them with fresh lemon juice. To make mask of rhubarb, it is necessary to fill in 1 tablespoon of its dry crushed roots of 500 ml of any white wine (it is possible to use boiled water) and to cook mix on slow fire before evaporation of half liquid. Then the mask needs to be filtered, cooled and applied on hair approximately for 40-50 minutes. 50 m of kefir, 1 teaspoon of shampoo, 2 tablespoons of vodka, ½ lemons and egg will be necessary for preparation of kefiric mask. All ingredients need to be mixed to uniform consistence and to grease with this mix each lock. After 5-6 hours the mask needs to be washed away and rinsed hair with camomile broth.

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