How to repair the broken nail

How to repair the broken nail

Only building is able to afford to become the owner of long and healthy nails in a flash. And those who prefers natural beauty should make lot of efforts to preserve the nails from damages. Therefore the broken nail is double disappointment which, fortunately, it is possible not only to anticipate, but also to eliminate effectively.

Adhesive tape

In extreme cases usual office adhesive tape will allow to save manicure. It is necessary to cut off small fragment of adhesive tape and to accurately put its outer surface of break. It is necessary to do it accurately not to remove varnish coat from the surface of nail. Protruding edges of adhesive tape are accurately cut on all surface of nail.

Such repair of nail is not absolute rescue and allows to save in extreme situations manicure at several o'clock. It is necessary either to cut off the injured nail later, or to paste.

Nail varnish

Insignificant injuries of nail can be stuck together by means of the fixing nail varnish. It is possible to use this method only if damage is located on the grown part of nail and does not touch skin. For this purpose it will be required to wash up at first carefully hands and to degrease the surface of the injured nail.

Before the procedure the surface of the broken nail has to be completely dry therefore it is possible to use towel, napkins or even the hair dryer.

Using toothpick, the fixing varnish accurately is applied on the surface of damage. It is necessary to miss the mark means rather deeply that glue has grabbed.

Further the surface of damage strong nestles by means of finger of free hand that allows to squeeze out surplus of means. They need to be moved away from the surface of nail by means of liquid for removal of varnish and cotton tampon.

After drying it will be required to put basis under varnish, and after two more layers of usual varnish. It is necessary to remember that such way will allow to keep nail length for some time, but needs the sparing conditions. In several days the procedure should be repeated.

Glue for nails

Longer effect provides usual household glue. Also it is worth resorting to its application only if damage was formed on the grown part of nail. When choosing glue it is necessary to pay attention to component structure which has to contain cyanoacryl ester – the fast-sticking together component which contains, in particular, in legendary Moment glue.

Glue is the same way applied on the surface of the injured nail by means of toothpick. Difference only that it is necessary to handle very accurately glue that in addition to the broken nail not to receive the stuck together fingers. After drawing adhesive layer it is not necessary to hold the place of damage by fingers, it is better to be limited to small amount of means and to accurately connect the damaged parts of nail plate.

It is important to start putting varnish only after glue completely dries. If on nail plate there are residues of glue, it is possible to remove them by means of liquid for removal of varnish or polishing nail file of large fraction.

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