How to restore and strengthen hair

How to restore and strengthen hair

Hair, as well as skin, are specular reflection of internal state of organism therefore if once beautiful and brilliant shock has suddenly grown dull or became rare, it is necessary to put it in order from within. Intensive leaving and various strengthening masks will be excellent addition to hair recovery.

It is required to you

  • - vitamins;
  • - vegetable, burdock, cedar and burdock oil;
  • - sea salt.


  1. One of common causes of loss, dryness and fragility of hair is avitaminosis. The chronic lack of necessary substances causes exchange, endocrine and other violations which in turn affect condition of hair. Therefore the first step on the way to their health is vitamin therapy within 1.5 months.
  2. For restoration and strengthening of hair pay much attention to food and, first of all, exclude harmful products which promote the strengthened removal from organism of vitamins and minerals. These are the sausages, fresh pastries, any sweets, sugar, carbonated drinks, chips, croutons and products containing preservatives, dyes, taste substitutes, tea and coffee in large volume.
  3. Surely include proteinaceous food in diet. It is necessary for growth of hair. Therefore at choice prepare fish, chicken, beef meat 3-4 times a week. Source of protein are also fermented milk products. Fresh vegetables salads are also useful. The most available is cabbage. Add to it various greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, grated carrots, and for increase in nutritiousness fill with not refined vegetable oils.
  4. Except the main useful menu use products with the increased vitamin structure. It is honey, dried fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds, yeast, sea cabbage, any fruit, porridges from whole grain. Drink broth from hips with honey, green tea, nettle broth, carrot juice, fruit drink from sea-buckthorn or cranberry, compotes, mineral water, kefir.
  5. Besides healthy nutrition and vitamin therapy to strengthening and growth of hair apply warm oil compresses and massage of head skin with sea salt. Each of these ways in own way influences hair bulb. But the result appears one – beautiful, elastic and brilliant locks.
  6. For oil compress add to 2 tablespoons of any vegetable unrefined oil on 2 drops of oil of cedar, rosemary and burdock. Warm up up to 40 OS. In warm look gather in the syringe without needle and apply on roots then wrap hair oilcloth and terry towel. The created heat will expand blood vessels on skin at the expense of what influence of useful substances will happen more intensively.
  7. Massage of head skin with sea salt can be carried out before and after to wash. You apply salt to moist skin. It will increase absorption of the useful substances which are present at seafood. Perform this procedure better, having bent down over the bathroom as even at its accurate carrying out salt will spill. In 5-10 minutes after massage wash the head with warm water and broth of nettle.
  8. The condition of hair depends not only on internal food and external leaving, but also on way of life. Therefore for the sake of health of hair observe work-rest schedule, do not allow hypodynamia and chronic sleep debt as it leads to nervous exhaustion which besides is reflected in hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team