How to restore growth of hair

How to restore growth of hair

Recently the problem of fragility and hair loss becomes more and more relevant. The ecological situation, stresses, bad food and love of our women for merciless coloring of hair cheap means causes prompt poredeniye of head of hear. How to help the hair to live long happy life together with the owner?


  1. Modern methods of restoration of growth of hair are various: drug treatment, normalization of food, addition in diet of special medicines and vitamins, massage, physiotherapeutic procedures, masks, mesotherapy, phytotherapy. The choice depends on the reason which has caused loss.
  2. The first step - complex medical examination. Diseases of thyroid gland, the lupus, anemia, diabetes and other illnesses provoke hair loss. The most serious case is the androgenic alopecia - excess of testosterone. Women can face such problem in the period of climax, pregnancy and teenage age. Treatment is appointed by the trichologist, selects rate of hormonal and vascular medicines individually.
  3. If responsibly to approach problem, then it is worth making the spectral analysis of hair on microelements. Having found out what is not enough for the normal growth of hair, dietary supplements and vitamins are selected. Most often hair need magnesium, silicon, iron, vitamins A, B5, C and N. The reasons of such "starvation" are in the most severe diets, especially during the spring period. The balanced food with the emphasis on seafood, vegetable oils, soy products, meat and exception of diet sharp fat, salty, smoked will help to return hair.
  4. Has well proved saloon method of restoration of growth of hair – mesotherapy – injections of medical cocktail. In combination with other procedures and feed of hair from within, allows to increase dense head of hear quickly. Except medicine influence, pricks also mechanically stimulates head skin that improves blood supply and exchange processes.
  5. For hair recovery medical shampoos and masks at the heart of which as amineksit such substances are widely used – prevents hardening and violation of food of root of hair, aminoprotein – growth factor of hair, lavender and orange oil - improve skin microcirculation, cypress and rosemary - is fine antiseptic agent.
  6. In case of insignificant hair loss the massage of the head is effective. In house conditions it can be made: massage brush, combing hair with the mask applied on them 2-3 times a week; hands, carrying out crosswise movements on edge of growth of hair, and then rising to the center circular and wave movements.
  7. If to restore growth of hair patiently and regularly, result it will be obligatory!

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