How to restore natural hair color

How to restore natural hair color

How often, deciding on changes, women dye hair. Then color or bothers, or girls are tired to paint constantly grown roots. In this case there is topical issue of how to return natural color of curls.


  1. If you changed color within one category (blond, brown or black) no more than on three tones, simplest it will be simple to grow hair. That the border of coloring was not so noticeable, use coloring shampoos. They do not injure hair, but give them right color. At the same time do not forget to shear regularly grown ends.
  2. Those who painted hair in dark colors can advise to address the professional hairdresser who will make the procedure of dekapirovaniye. It is so-called "remover" in the course of which by means of special medicines from hair the painting pigment is washed away. But all the same after that it is necessary to paint hair in the color as close as possible to your natural as after "remover" fair-haired color with light reddishness usually turns out. Besides the dekapirovaniye strongly dries curls.
  3. It would seem, it is the simplest to return color to the decoloured fair hair. It is enough to recolour of them in dark. But it not so. In the course of clarification the hair become very limp and porous, and paint lays down on them is unpredictable. There can be ugly greenish shade. It comes from the fact that in paint which you have painted hair there is bluish poddtona. But the experienced colourist can avoid it. When choosing dye it considers set of the moments. And at its order there are different shades when which mixing it is possible to receive right color. In house conditions it is very difficult to make it.
  4. It is the most difficult to return from red color to natural. Red pigments deeply get into structure of hair, and it is almost impossible to wash up them. Professionals recommend to change in such cases color gradually. It is long process. It is necessary to change gradually tone towards natural color necessary to you.
  5. And, of course, the easiest way to return the natural color is just to grow hair. To accelerate process, use various means for activation of this process. It both concentrates, and folk remedies, such as masks from onions and red pepper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team