How to return color to lips

How to return color to lips

Lips can lose natural color for a number of reasons over time: aging, smoking, use of improper lipstick, improper feeding, influence of direct sunshine. Simple procedures which you can make in house conditions will help to return to your lips natural pink shade.

It is required to you

  • - sugar or salt, honey;
  • - camomile flowers;
  • - cucumber juice;
  • - almond oil;
  • - butter;
  • - lemon juice, honey, yogurt.


1. Prepare srub for lips, using water, sugar or salt, honey (1:1:1). You apply it on lips with massage movements several times a week.

2. In the winter skin of lips is harmful influenced by wind and cold. It leads to their peeling and cracks which will not be hidden even by the best lipstick. Therefore when you will feel the first signs of peeling, grease with fat cream or usual honey.

3. Make camomile, fill in tablespoon of dry flowers with glass of boiled water. Do lotions, putting the cotton tampon moistened in tincture to lips before going to bed every evening. Thanks to curative properties of camomile, lips will be soft.

4. Do at least once in week massage of lips by soft toothbrush. It will return natural and beautiful color to lips and normalizes blood circulation process.

5. Use lipstick for lips and balms which contain vitamins A and E and also oil of plants. They will protect thin skin of lips, especially in winter time, from drying and also will promote healing of small cracks.

6. Cucumber juice will help to clarify lips, moisten with it lips several days in a row.

7. Almond oil will help to get rid of dark stains. During the day you apply it with massage movements on lips. Besides, it has the moistening effect and will help to eliminate dryness and peeling.

8. Daily within two weeks you apply butter on lips. It will perfectly soften them, having provided them silky skin and pleasant color.

9. Will help to clarify the darkened lips and to moisten them mask with use of lemon juice, honey and yogurt. Mix components in equal parts and for one hour impose on lips.

10. Use only quality lipstick or lip gloss. In shop choose the sealed tube, try not to use samplers. Remove lipstick by means of the special qualitative means intended for removal of make-up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team