How to return waist

How to return waist

Over the years even the most ideal female figure loses the former beauty. There is it because of change of hormonal background. And at early age thanks to improper feeding and the minimum physical activity, sometimes, there are fat deposits eclipsing attractive bends of waist. It is possible to return harmonious waist only actively working on itself.


1. Influence fat layer. Reduce amount of the consumed fats and carbohydrates. It does not mean that it is necessary to go on hungry diets and to faint from malnutrition! For reduction of volumes of body it is worth lowering only the consumed calories that pretty fast will be reflected first of all in stomach and waists.

2. Use hoop. It is known that work with hoop is capable to return the lost waist, and plus to it to improve coordination and to improve digestion. Hoops happen from different materials (aluminum, plastic, rubber and others), they also differ on weight. When choosing hoop you remember that the more its weight, the more intensively will be future training. Consider that for want of habit on skin there can be bruises. That to avoid it, put on, for example, and fat in waist will help to burn thermobelt which is at one actively. Carrying out rotations are usual, you remember the correct setting of the body. Get up directly, bend legs in knees a little, straighten back, strain muscles of abdominal press. In such situation the impact of hoop on problem zones will be maximum.

3. Swing side (slanting) muscles of press. They form waist. Lay down on floor, put feet on floor, having bent knees. Leave hands on breast or get for the head. On exhalation lift the body, straining press muscles, tighten the right knee to the left elbow. Fall to starting position and repeat the same, but with the left knee and the right elbow. Carry out exercise, replacing knee and elbow, ten times. Over time increase repetitions.

4. You hold stomach tightened. You monitor the provision when walking and in sitting position. Besides exercises and diets, the correct posture well tightens belt. Over time muscles of stomach will come to tone that considerably will increase your chances to achieve wasp waist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team