How to save nail

How to save nail

How many efforts and time are enclosed in otrashchivaniye of long nails. And as it is offensive when at once this beauty breaks from the careless movement by hand. You should not despair — if the nail has only cracked, then it can be saved.

  • - ready patch for nails or silk, chiffon, tissue paper;
  • - nail files with high abrasivity;
  • - orange stick;
  • - special glue;
  • - sanitizer;
  • - cuticle scissors;
  • - varnish.

1. Try to put patch. For such cases special set of the emergency help to nails is on sale. The orange stick, special glue, the disinfector and varnish enter it special fabric on the basis of silk, soft nail file for polish. Still cuticle scissors will be required.

2. Process the disinfector nail and near-nail area in order to avoid entering of infection because at break wounds can be formed. Wait until moisture evaporates. Soft nail file smooth out the surface of nail to opaque shade, carefully remove roughnesses on crack. All movements have to be directed from cuticle.

3. Wipe the smoothed-out nail with cotton tampon and again process the disinfector. Cut out silk piece by the size of nail plate, the main thing that it was not less it. If you use ready sticker, then just apply it to nail and press. In the absence of such preparation, process glue silk fabric, chiffon piece, it is possible even tissue paper. Then impose on nail.

4. If it happened so that crack very wide, then at first grease with glue nail plate, and even impose a little cotton wool so that to level the place of break. And only then cover nail with patch. There is also other option. Just make two duplicating layers from the silk impregnated with glue.

5. Remove cotton tampon excess glue and wait until the design dries out and will become firm. Then cut with scissors the fabric going beyond edges of nail plate. Grind edges and the surface of nail, on it there should be no hillocks. At the same time be careful: the slightest excess pressing by nail file can damage thin fabric layer. Varnish nail.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team