How to save on cosmetics - 10 simple rules

How to save on cosmetics - 10 simple rules

Only women know, how much are all these tiny jars which have forced all shelf in the bathroom. Large number of money is spent for cosmetics. And whether there is way to save?!

Way 1. Discounts and sales

All women love discounts and sales. Only how to follow it? Actually everything is simple – look through the websites of cosmetic shops. Remember that usually sales happen on the eve of big holidays (New Year, on March 8).

Way 2. Discount cards

Discount cards can significantly cut down costs on cosmetics. As a rule, in large cosmetic shops offer discount cards upon purchase for certain sum.

Way 3. Subscription

If you are fan of the brand distributed according to the scheme of network marketing, then you have excellent chance to use their discounts – just become their consultant! You are not obliged to sell cosmetics, and here you have to use discounts full authority. The main thing do not forget to shop periodically.

Way 4. Foreign shopping

It is no secret that abroad prices of perfumery products where priyemlemy ours. Therefore if your girlfriend is going to go to have a rest to Europe, do not hesitate to ask it to bring to you favourite aroma or cosmetics.

Way 5. Any chance to case!

It is better to buy cosmetics checked and if suddenly you wanted to experiment, then it is better to take the goods interesting you from girlfriends or to read responses on the Internet. So you will avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Way 6. Folk remedies

Masks from handy means such as kefir, sour cream, porridge, eggs are not worse at all, and can even better than store expensive means. It is possible to find many various recipes of house masks in the Internet. The result will pleasantly surprise you, and the purse will be more intact.

Way 7. Anything superfluous

For certain your make-up bag just bursts with huge abundance of shadows of various shades. And actually upon are used, only to steam of flowers. Whether these excess expenditure for what you do not use are so necessary to you?

Way 8. Volumes

It is not necessary to chase the price tag and to buy big banks of srubs, masks, nail varnishes only because it is cheaper than small jars. Actually all this in reality is not so frequent. As a result the bought cosmetics will have expiration date, and you do not use it up to the end.  

Way 9. Plan

Purchase of cosmetics needs planning. It will help to consider all your needs. Shop according to the made list and do not give in on temptation to take superfluous.

Way 10. Compare structure

Always you look at composition of the bought cosmetics. If as a part of favourite cream jojoba oil, then clear business, this cream cheap appears cannot be. And here if in structure something unclear is added and this miracle costs fabulous money, then safely look for cheaper analog. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team