How to save on materials for manicure

How to save on materials for manicure

Beautiful and well-groomed nails every day — not necessarily heavy work and big expenses. Easily and quickly, having spent minimum of means and couple of hours during week-end, it is possible to do manicure to itself and acquaintances by means of inexpensive funds from the Chinese websites.

In online stores everything that is necessary for manicure in house conditions is on sale. Thanks to protection of the buyer on many international websites the buyer is protected. If the goods do not come in due time, then money will return to it, and not the careless seller, but the website. Sometimes after that the late goods after all come, and the buyer appears in double benefit. So, what need to be bought materials for manicure and what it is possible to save on.

The device for manicure

Understand minidrill by means of which leather around nail is processed, as the device nail plate, also the cuticle cleans up pterigiya. Also manicure the machine is useful for removal of the bothered gel polish. Good manicure is impossible without high-quality grinding and preparation therefore for professional application surely it is worth buying the device of high level, with diamond or ceramic mills, function of back run — reverse.

The inexpensive device for manicure also most likely will cope with the duties, but at frequent application will quickly fail. Also lack of simple models of low power, mills during the work "beat", that is go from the party in I will shift, without allowing "to aim".

Secret is that for manicure it is quite possible to do without device if skin on hands not too rough, and cuticle accurate. Easily and just it is cut off by cuticle scissors and nippers, and leather around nails is processed by nail file. The nail plate can and be not sawn, only slightly to walk on it the grinding roller. As a result — accurate manicure without excess expenses.

Lamp for manicure

The lamp is necessary for polymerization of gel covering. Devices can be ultra-violet (with U-shaped big lamps) and light-emitting diode (with set of tiny lamps). The first are slightly cheaper, but it is not that case when it is worth saving, instead of 30 seconds they dry each layer 2 minutes, besides, make negative impact on skin and eyes. These lamps gradually consign to the past as more and more offers on LED lamps with the minimum cost and high performance appear.

Base for manicure

Despite common opinion about volume, the good base for manicure cannot cost little, on the Chinese websites there are a lot of worthy options exceeding the advertized brands on properties. It is necessary to choose very carefully, according to reviews and the number of orders. The base has to be rather dense, with good ability to alignment, long term socks.

For house manicure various gels and means for building will be absolutely superfluous. To restore the chopped-off edge of nail or to add a little length to the broken nail at all not problem — through the same base and make-shifts, for example, of tubule for cocktail or the dense film recorded on finger.

Color gel varnishes for shellac

In huge variety of color and brilliant gel polishes in online stores it is easy to be lost. It is intermediate layer which practically does not adjoin to skin or nail plate and also does not experience external influences. Therefore it is possible to choose infinitely, on the taste and color, color varnishes seldom cause allergy and practically on affect quality of manicure. It can be gel polishes in traditional jars with brushes, or in plastic containers. The only difference is that for the second option it is necessary to select every time brush.

Top for gel polish

The top covering can be opaque or glossy, with sticky layer (which need to be erased liquid for degreasing) or without it. For professional manicure the quality of top sometimes plays key role — whether it will long keep whether will be chips and scratches. If all materials and devices of the house near at hand, it is also possible to correct slightly in any evening in couple of minutes the chopped-off edge, the choice of top is not basic at all.

Consumables for manicure

It is difficult for the beginning manicurist to define for itself that really it is required to him in work and that will lie dead cargo. So, liquid for degreasing and removal of sticky layer is surely necessary, and it is quite possible to do without primer. The nail file and nail buffer will also be useful, and here brush for dust sweeping away — hardly.

From decor easier and most quicker to use stickers. Drawings on nails look beautifully only if they are drawn by the master — qualitative thin brushes, the lasting gel polishes, the right hand. Also set for design rhinestones, stickers, sequins, spangles, foil, stamp with plates, shells, stones and many other things can enter manicure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team