How to select forms for nails

How to select forms for nails

All women absolutely different. They differently live, dream of different things, love different cakes. They are united by one – everyone wants look faultlessly most completely. And with what ideal nails begin? Certainly, from correctly picked up form.


1. Crucially estimate shape of the hands, length and thickness of fingers. Incorrectly picked up shape and length of nails can emphasize shortcomings and excessive volume of your fingers while the right choice levels all these features.

2. Pay attention to the way of life, occupations. If you are health worker, then are hardly able to afford 1.5-centimeter nails moreover with the pointed tip.

3. If you are happy owner of slender and long fingers, safely choose rounded shape of nail. It is the most convenient and most "ancient" shape of nail. Roundish marigold usually quite short (1, 2 or 3 millimeters of the acting plate surface), but always looks accurately. This form of malotravmatichn, is convenient and is ideal for health workers, employees of preschool institutions, cooks, musicians.

4. Full fingers of average length will look less volume if to give to nails square shape. However square nails have to be the sufficient length as such form visually shortens fingers.

5. If you have short and full fingers – choose square shape of nails, but slightly alter it, having rounded tip and having made edges less sharp. However be not fond of trimming that the shape of nail did not become oval.

6. Oval marigold too perfectly looks on full and short fingers. However, such nails look on any fingers – the oval form is universal. Nails in the form of oval can be any length.

7. Square nails are contraindicated to owners of large massive hands. If it is your case, then give preference to round nails better.

8. If the nail plate is too wide, then you can visually narrow it, having given to nail the trapezoid form, narrow part up. This form - kind of square nails.

9. Slender graceful fingers demand the pointed shape of nail of the hairpin form. However this ultrafashionable form badly is suitable for daily manicure – edge of nail very sharp, practically without platform. Nails "hairpin" are traumatic, quickly break and are contraindicated to the ladies carrying contact lenses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team