How to shave bristle

How to shave bristle

Growth of bristle at men is put by the nature, but it disturbs some, and another is not present. Anyway, it is possible to shave it in only a few seconds and to avoid irritation, it is necessary to do everything extremely attentively and accurately.

It is required to you

  • - shaving foam;
  • - machine;
  • - gel after shaving.


  1. Wash face warm water with use of antibacterial soap. If you have bristle too rigid, then previously soften it over hot steam. Add tea spoon of soda to water. You can breathe evaporations, so you not only will steam out bristle, but also will make inhalation of airways that too is quite good.
  2. Apply skin for shaving on zone of growth of hair and take several minutes that skin was softened, and bacteria have died. Select skin taking into account your skin if it sensitive, then and means has to be with the corresponding inscription.
  3. Put the new cartridge on the machine, it is impossible to have a shave with the blunted edge, there can be irritation and peeling of skin. Begin to shave off smooth movements hair against their growth, pay special attention to places around lips, in this place they badly leave. Do not forget to wash out periodically edge in warm water, the cut-off hair are clogged into it and it ceases to shave normally.
  4. After completion of shaving wash under flowing water. If you had had cuts, process them medical alcohol or any alcohol-containing solution. Apply cream after shaving, it will help to avoid irritation of skin and will give feeling of freshness and comfort.
  5. Have a shave in process of growth of hair, try to do it every other day or every day. It is much more difficult to shave off long bristle, than short. Therefore it does not make sense to have a shave too seldom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team