How to shave intimate places

How to shave intimate places

Removal of hair from intimate places – the delicate procedure. In case of non-compliance with rules of shaving there can be strong irritation which will spoil appearance even of most refined "hairstyle". But it is possible to get rid of undesirable vegetation with the smallest consequences after all.

It is required to you

  • - shaving gel;
  • - machine;
  • - the moisturizing cream;
  • - antibacterial lotion;
  • - calendula tincture;
  • - tweezers.


1. Take heat bath. That skin was better prepared for shaving, add a little sea salt. Carefully wash out crotch with soft soap or gel.

2. Remove long hairs with scissors. Be extremely careful not to be wounded. Then rinse skin with water. It is not recommended to shave off filaments at once the machine as the cartridge will be quickly zatuplyatsya that will cause the strongest irritation.

3. Apply shaving gel on the site from which you will delete filaments, and wait a little. It is necessary in order that vegetation became softer, and skin elastic.

4. Put the new cartridge in the machine and start shaving. Cut off filaments against their growth, accurately moving apart skin folds. Do not make too many movements by the cartridge in one place – skin will be injured and inflame.

5. Carefully wash out crotch from residues of shaving gel and apply the moisturizing cream. If you wanted to make the special drawing, then use tweezers. To do it by the machine extremely inconveniently.

6. Wipe skin with antibacterial lotion some more days after shaving. Microscopic cuts begin to live not so quickly as it would be desirable. At emergence of strong reddening and appearance of pimples, process the inflamed place calendula tincture. Try to avoid its hit on mucous, otherwise burning will appear.

7. Shave off filaments of times a week. During regular removal of vegetation from intimate places skin inflames less as "gets used" to mechanical damages from the machine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team