How to shave with whisky

How to shave with whisky

Men quite often remain are dissatisfied with result when shaving by the electric razor or the machine: the bristle grows quickly, skin is angry, and shaving insufficiently clean. To shave whisky, having achieved ideal smoothness which will remain for a long time, it is possible by means of open razor.

It is required to you

  • - open razor;
  • - brush for putting foam;
  • - shaving foam or soap solution.


  1. For close shave use only the sharp correctly ground razor. For safe work master receptions of its continence if you have no that skill yet. Anonymous, average and index fingers put from above razor necks, thumb – on the lower part of neck, and little finger – on tail dredging. The thumb has to rest against heel, sting - to be directed down.
  2. Turning the razor sting up, place anonymous, average and index fingers on flat share of neck from outer side, big – from internal. Leave little finger on tail dredging.
  3. Ship brush for putting foam for several minutes in glass with hot water. After it, having incorporated water, softens, take out it from glass and let's flow down. Shake up brush soap solution before formation of magnificent foam, doing circular motions in bowl.
  4. Gather foam on brush and apply with smooth movements on whisky. If hair very rigid, before putting foam make the softening compress. For 1–2 minutes impose on the soaped whisky double the folded napkin moistened in hot water. At gentle skin with soft hair enough before covering of temples foam it is simple to pound hair warm water.
  5. After soaping at once start shaving as long finding of soap on skin is extremely undesirable. Remove foam at edge of temple razor back. It will allow to install the razor precisely on fringing, having delayed skin up.
  6. The finger delaying skin arrange at distance of 2-3 cm from the location of the razor. Move finger only when you take away the razor from face skin. At first shave hair from temple to the middle of cheek. Then slightly turn the razor and cut off hair in the direction of ear lobe down to neck.
  7. After shaving erase residues of foam from temporal area and wash cold water. Apply on whisky suitable for your type means which will humidify and will calm it of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team