How to soften clay

How to soften clay

Production of various objects from clay originates from ancient times and does not lose the relevance today. Now still on sale it is possible to meet lovely clay pots for preparation of dishes in oven and also set of painted figures of animals, birdies, various moneyboxes and so forth. To mold some bagatelle from clay, it at first needs to be softened.


  1. If you use usual clay for molding, you can make it plastic simple addition of water. At first add small amount of water and try to knead piece. Then check it for plasticity. For this purpose roll clay lump in sausage and bend it in half.
  2. If on bend clay breaks – add a little more water. For this purpose knead piece of clay and you stick together from it flat cake. Add several drops of water to the middle and put your flat cake in half. Again properly knead lump and check for plasticity. Repeat this process until clay does not cease to break and crack when bending.
  3. Apply two ways to softening of polymer clay: with the help paste machine and manually. Softener which needs to be distributed evenly on all piece is part of such clay. Then clay will become plastic, soft and convenient in work.
  4. The easiest to knead polymer clay in the warm room warm hands. From big piece special knife cut off several strips. Put them together and begin to knead and roll intensively in hands. Evenly to distribute softener on all piece, roll sausage, then put it in half and twist. Continue to knead. Repeat operation several times. Now you can start product molding.
  5. Paste car reminds the manual mechanism of squeezing of linen after washing a little. To knead polymer clay in paste car, cut off several strips from big piece of clay special knife.
  6. Connect them on each side that thin layer of clay has turned out. Begin to roll clay on the widest mode No. 1. Put the rolled layer in half and again miss via the machine about 10 times. If clay flexible and plastic – you can get to work.
  7. Badly prepared clay will affect durability of your product and also can lead to emergence of chips and cracks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team