How to spin beautifully braids

How to spin beautifully braids

Braids – great way to decorate female hair and to change habitual style. Today hairdresser's salons and private masters suggest to braid for acceptable money braids in various styles – from radical dreads to ordinary wattled hairstyles. To learn to spin braids independently absolutely not difficult – for this purpose you need a little practice, material and time for occupations. For short term you will be able to master the most widespread technicians of weaving.

It is required to you

  • some skills;
  • well washed up and combed hair;
  • thread;
  • kanekalon;
  • scissors;
  • hairbrush.


  1. It is necessary to spin braids on carefully washed up and combed hair divided from the top to forehead by equal hair parting. Near hair parting allocate lock of hair and comb it then use for weaving.
  2. Braiding braid, do not draw hair – the braid has to be rather dense, but not tightened excessively. To braid large number of braids, dopletayta each braid from the allocated lock up to the end, tie thread tip, and then allocate new lock near already braided braid, comb it and begin to spin as well as the first. Allocate locks of identical thickness – in this case the hairstyle will be accurate and uniform.
  3. Today African braids enjoy wide popularity – spin them almost in all beauty shops. to increase, and it attracts girls who want to distract from the short hairstyles, having for a short time become owners of long braids.
  4. For weaving afrokos divide the head into small square sites. On each site allocate lock, comb it and begin to spin braid, podplety kanekalon from the roots. When natural hair end, just continue to dopletat braid from kanekalon. Having reached the end, scald tip boiled water or melt off the lighter.
  5. It is simpler to spin braids from curly hair, than from straight lines – on wavy and curly hair transitions between natural hair and artificial fiber are less noticeable. After weaving look whether excess hairs stick out of braids. They need to be cut off scissors.
  6. And at last, you can pretty fast learn to do simple French plait which always differed in elegance and simplicity of execution. Allocate lock of hair on the top, at growth basis, and divide into three parts. Spin ordinary braid, podplety to it additional locks at the left and on the right. After the head is braided, do usual plait up to the end. Tie tip elastic band.
  7. Is more unusual to make such braid you will be able, extending from braid of lock of hair, slightly weakening it. Thus, the braid will be more free and magnificent.
  8. The plait which trudges from the hair tied on nape in tail can become also unusual hairstyle. Divide tail into two parts and twirl one lock to the right, and the second to the left. After that densely twist both locks in the opposite direction and fix tail by elastic band.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team