How to spin braid on bang

How to spin braid on bang

The braid on bang looks very interestingly and unusually. Such hairstyle allows to change image quickly. It approaches not only to young girls, but also women. The braid on bang will approach and in case there is no time for laying at all.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush with rare teeths;
  • - small elastic band or hairpin;
  • - hairspray.


  1. Carefully comb hair on all length. Today there are several options of weaving of braids on bang. The braid bokho which gives to image femininity and originality is most popular.
  2. To start weaving of braid sideways of the head by means of hairbrush with rare teeths take lock of hair from bang and from the main part of the head.
  3. Create three locks from these hair. (On the right) take one lock from bang. Create the second (located in the middle) half from long hair of the main part of the head, having receded at the same time from the line of growth of bang by 1 cm, and from bang hair. The third lock (left) will consist only of long hair of the main part of the head.
  4. After locks are created, start weaving of braid. The method of weaving of braid bokho is similar to way of weaving of the French braid. On average lock serially add lock of hair at the left and on the right. Do it until bang hair end.
  5. Pin up the turned-out braid hairpin or record scrunchy. If you want, continue to do plait from the main part of hair. The original hairstyle reminding hairstyle of bohemian style will turn out.
  6. After weaving of braid is complete, record the received hairstyle hairspray that she did not prattle, and short locks of bang were not beaten out from braid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team