How to spin dreadlocks with kanekalony

How to spin dreadlocks with kanekalony

Dreadlocks with kanekalony (lengthening) from far away very beautifully and accurately look, have large amount of colors (even which shine in ultraviolet). When bothers - they can be removed, practically without having injured own hair. However, material of artificial curls is not compatible to high temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid drying phenom and also campaigns in bath or sauna. To the touch such hairstyle very rigid.

It is required to you

  • - Wax
  • - Elastic bands
  • - Synthetic hair (kanekalon)
  • - Usual crochet hook
  • - Hairbrush


  1. At first divide all hair into the squares equal to 2-3 centimeters. Use clips or elastic bands to fix the turned-out locks.
  2. When fix all hair, remove elastic band from the first lock. Divide her hair into three various locks, add synthetic hair to one of them. At the same time synthetic hair, have to be three times longer than future dreads. Spin hair in the lower direction together with synthetic and at the end fix by elastic band.
  3. Roll lock of hair to the brought-down state, and then begin to spin, comb so that the got-off weight fell to roots. You pass many times hairbrush to roots. As a result hair will begin to get off at roots. It is not obligatory to Skatyvat hair at the very bottom at all, but it is necessary to force down those hair which are at you in hands between fingers. Continue to comb, slowly work until the end of hair, doing dreadlocks so dense as far as it is possible.
  4. As soon as finish with weaving, and you will put on elastic band the end Dreda, once again you obkrutit synthetic hair till the end Dreda around and tighten elastic band. After that add a little wax on dreadlocks to smooth hair.
  5. Also tips of dreads can be fixed easily by means of ordinary crochet hook. Use of elastic band at roots can be avoided too, podplety dreadlocks from below.
  6. There is one more way of weaving of dreads - it is weaving by string or hook. Bring down all lock in one long and big plica poconica and leave not confused tip. Take usual crochet hook and pass it through dreadlocks, then several times around it wind the sticking-out lock, and pull out back through dreadlocks. Quite so dreadlocks on all length is stitched by the sticking-out locks and hairs, becomes less shaggy and the strongest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team