How to spin flagellums

How to spin flagellums

Unusual and original hairstyles - great way to stand out from the crowd and to create to itself unique image. Example of such hairstyles are flagellums. Besides to do such plaits very simply - each girl quite can build to herself on the head original hairstyle from flagellums.


  1. To emphasize the identity, try to use weaving of flagellums during creation of hairstyle. Before weaving divide by means of special hairbrush with thin tip hair into locks from the line of growth of hair to the top. Their width has to be no more than 3-5 cm.
  2. Then the turned-out strips safely you divide 3х3 or 4х4 cm into squares. And that's it they can already be turned by torsion into the flagellums located towards the top. On the ends record hairstyle in any way - or in tail collect, or in bunch. It is possible, having fixed flagellums by hairpins, to leave the main part of hair dismissed.
  3. It is possible to weave integral flagellum out of hair also. For this purpose on length distribute hair on lock. Then little finger clamp the left and right couple of locks. It must be done in order that they among themselves were not mixed up. Other fingers begin to bind among themselves the remained locks.
  4. Spin the general cascade kind of wrapping some locks in others. Upon termination of work fix hairstyle by hairpin or invisible beings.
  5. To weave flagellum on ready hairstyle, it is necessary to collect tail, having fixed it on nape by elastic band. Divide tail into three rather big locks further. Attention: creation of such hairstyle requires the assistant. In turn begin to twist everyone that the plait has turned out. Here for this purpose the person in the help is also necessary - that held already twirled plaits until you complete the others. From three locks have to it will turn out (to do three hard plaits them hard it is necessary that the hairstyle was not scattered). Further by the same method of torsion begin to connect them among themselves. On the end it is necessary to fix the turned-out braid as it is possible more strong elastic band. The original hairstyle is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team