How to stack direct bang

How to stack direct bang

The direct bang goes much, but behind it permanent care is necessary. Not well-groomed or grown it looks untidy. Fortunately, the direct bang has the most universal form therefore allows to create different images without additional correction of length.

It is required to you

  • - round hairbrush;
  • - flat hairbrush;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - iron for hair;
  • - the fixing means;
  • - invisible beings.


  1. Volume bang to the line of eyebrows Such laying should be done by means of round brush and the hair dryer. That tips of hair formed natural bend, it is necessary to use flat nozzle and the movement of hand to give to hair the necessary direction. Bang zakruglennost degree depends on the size of brush, most naturally it looks after work with the large tool, for example, with a diameter of 5-7 cm.
  2. Bang on one side Slightly grown direct bang can be used during creation of asymmetric hairstyle. For this purpose it is necessary to make parting at the side and to give it the volume and rounded shape by means of the same brush. At the same time it is important that hair have been recorded and did not return to situation, more habitual for them, therefore for more reliable laying it is worth using mousse.
  3. The pile on the top the Long direct bang is suitable for creation of hairstyle in retro style. For this purpose it is necessary to collect for a while hair on the top. The bang needs to be divided parting in the middle and to record accurately invisible beings on temples and if length allows, behind ears. After that it is necessary to remove elastic band from tail and to make accurate pile on the top. If desired it is possible to collect hair in hairstyle of Malvin on nape.
  4. Pile upward If there is a wish to open forehead, it is necessary to comb hair of bang and the top from reverse side and to record invisible beings. For creation of deliberate negligence it is possible to divide them into locks and to overwind slightly. Especially well such laying looks if all other hair are collected in bunch or in hairstyle shell.
  5. The direct bang is lower than the line of eyebrows For creation of ideally equal bang which is falling down on eyes it is necessary to use the special iron. Movements have to extend hair down. At the same time the bang can be ideally equal or fragmentary – both options look interestingly.
  6. The ruffled bang This option of express laying will suit self-assured girls. For this purpose it is necessary to apply small amount of gel on fingers, to distribute it and to slightly tousle hair at the roots. You should not carry out by means on all length.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team