How to stack kare

How to stack kare

Do you want to look stylish, but to spend for laying at least of time? Caret – this that hairstyle which is necessary to you. It does not demand careful leaving, it is simple to stack it. Besides, there is mass of various ways of laying for different situations.

It is required to you

  • - thin hairbrush with tail;
  • - skeletal hairbrush;
  • - round brush brushing from natural bristle;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - mousse or skin for giving of volume;
  • - hairspray.


  1. Daily to ukladkavymoyta hair. Raise each lock and you dry it by means of the hair dryer, and air should not be too hot. Extend middle part of hair big round brush, and twist tips inside. Use brush from natural bristle as it will allow to level structure of hair and to add gloss. Wind bang on brush of large diameter and dry up phenom. Give to hairstyle a little negligent look, you will a little dishevel locks hands. For this laying it is possible to make both straight line and parting at the side. Tail of thin hairbrush from bang draw straight line or zigzag line and divide into two parts. Fix laying, having sprinkled it hairspray.
  2. One more option of daily laying for the fine hair deprived to objemaposla of that as you have washed up the head, wrap it in terry towel and leave approximately for five minutes. Then put skin for giving of volume to hair. Comb them on one party. Separate small locks, you dry their phenom and shift to other party. After have dried up all hair, bend the head and stir up hair. Then the sharp movement raise it. Now make parting at the side and record laying by varnish of average fixing.
  3. Evening option ukladkidlya this laying you need also to wash up the head previously. Apply mousse for giving of volume on moist hair. Squeeze out on palm small amount of mousse of the size of tennis ball and put with easy movements it from roots to tips. Wind locks on large hair curlers and dry by means of the hair dryer. In fifteen minutes remove hair curlers. On fingers take a little styling gel and shake up them hands. Set the received result by strong hold hairspray that your hairstyle has remained until the end of evening. If carefully to brush curls and to smooth a little them, then at you smooth laying with wave in style of 20th or 30th will turn out. Pin beautiful hairpin or put on original hoop, and you will be irresistible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team