How to stop growth of birthmarks

How to stop growth of birthmarks

growth of birthmarks it becomes frequent reason for concern. On the one hand, the person, even not expert in questions of medicine, guesses that if on body many new growths appear, so in organism there was failure. But how serious can be consequences?

It is required to you

  • - mirror;
  • - visit of onkodermatolog.


  1. If you, standing at mirror once, have noticed that you had had many new birthmarks, be not frightened. Before drawing any conclusions, it is necessary to understand, than their intensive growth is caused.
  2. If you have returned from warm beach vacation recently, then too you should not worry about emergence of new birthmarks. The first and most common cause of increase in their number is ultra-violet radiation. However at planned visit of policlinic nevertheless ask this question the expert.
  3. If you began climax, problems with health have become aggravated, and you have noticed large number of new birthmarks on body – immediately go to the doctor. Because the second possible reason of intensive growth of many types of birthmarks – hormonal failure. And if the immunodeficiency caused by long medicamentous therapy and contributing factors is added to this problem, then the risk of appearance of melanoma (malignant tumor) increases repeatedly. Address the therapist. He has to write out to you the direction to the endocrinologist and onkodermatologa.
  4. If you observe excessively intensive emergence of new growths body, to independently stop growth of birthmarks and, especially, you, most likely, will not be able to turn it back. But to reduce harmful effects on organism in your forces.
  5. Protect birthmarks from mechanical damages. The injured birthmark can provoke very serious complications. During the bathing, sports and other vigorous activity take care of that clothes or foreign objects did not rub about birthmark. the small point on skin can turn into source of itch and burning suddenly. The injured birthmarks can exhale liquid and expand. Remember that prevention is always cheaper and more pleasant than treatment.
  6. Noting at itself the intensive growth of birthmarks, stop visits of sunbed. In summertime try to avoid the open scorching sun, especially in the afternoon.
  7. Do not abuse hormonal medicines. Accept them only in urgent cases, they can also provoke emergence of birthmarks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team