How to stop hair loss at men

How to stop hair loss at men

The hair loss is, perhaps, one of the most undesirable consequences of aging at men. However, having analyzed statistics, it is possible to draw conclusion that only half of men faces this problem closer by 50 years while many find hair loss in 25-30 years. In most cases the alopecia is caused by bad heredity, but it is possible to prevent hair loss after all. It is for this purpose important to remember several simple rules.


  1. Hot air and water have an adverse effect on hair therefore wash the head not with hot, but warm water, also try to dry less hair by means of the hair dryer. If it is just necessary to use this device, then at first wet the head, and then dry up locks on low temperature.
  2. The significant effect on hair has quantity of proteins in your organism. Therefore, daily using enough proteins, you prevent premature thinning of hair.
  3. Every day on hair dust, smog, dirt therefore it is important to wash the head as often as possible accumulate. Regular washing of hair will prevent accumulation not only dirt, but also surplus of secretion of the sebaceous glands hammering time and hair follicles.
  4. Head skin is very sensitive therefore get rid of habit to scratch the head hands – sharp nails can do easily harm to skin and hair follicles.
  5. Various styling sprays help to keep stylish hairstyle, but at the same time they negatively influence health of hair. Try to use less means for styling, you apply gel only on trunks of hair, but not on roots.
  6. Protect not only skin, but also hair from ultraviolet. Having noticed even insignificant signs of alopecia, put on headdresses if you are going to be under the sun during the long period of time.
  7. There is set of various means for hair care which can be got in drugstore without recipe.
  8. Happens that the hair loss testifies to disease. Therefore it is the best of all to consult with the doctor who will define the reason of alopecia and will prompt as to suspend it.
  9. There is opinion that the rack upside down increases inflow of blood to the head and stimulates growth of hair. It will be regularly far simpler to massage the head is more pleasant and effective way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team