How to straighten hair

How to straighten hair

Unruly hair curls in chaotic order and does not want to lay down exactly, but them it is possible will straighten - the benefit, for this purpose is on sale the mass of care products for curly hair. But you should not forget that the effect of straight hair remains only short period of time.


  1. Buy shampoo, conditioner and cream after washing with mark "has the smoothing effect". Use these means regularly and already through several procedures you will notice visible result.
  2. For fixing of effect use the iron for hair. If you plan frequent use of the iron, then choose what least of all influences structure of hair. Upon purchase pay attention to temperature of heating of the device, than it is lower, that will injure less hair. For fixing of hairstyle slightly sprinkle a little hair varnish.
  3. For achievement of long-term effect of straight hair address to beauty shop. To you will straighten hair by means of chemical means. Laying will keep of 1 month to half a year. Everything depends on structure of hair and medicine which is used for straightening.
  4. You can visit the trichologist. To you will make the procedure of destruction of structure of hair then they will become straight lines. But after it hair are very injured and require care. It is possible to carry out it only on strong and healthy hair.

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