How to straighten hair to the man

How to straighten hair to the man

Curly hair most often disobedient: it is difficult for them to give the form as structure their very rigid. Sometimes men with curly hair suffer from such hairstyle and want to straighten the curls. It is possible to make it by means of various ways.

It is required to you

  • hair dryer;
  • iron;
  • hairbrush with rare teeths;
  • round hairbrush;
  • means for laying;
  • gel;
  • conditioner.


  1. The easiest way to get rid of curly hair is to make short hairstyle. But it is necessary to remember that not all suit hairstyle under zero. For this purpose you have to have ideal shape of the head, ears are evenly pressed, but not to be bulged in the parties.
  2. If you do not risk to be tonsured bare, then it is necessary to suffer. For hair straightening use the hair dryer or the iron. The hair dryer holds positions of the leader in hair dressing.
  3. Carefully comb hair hairbrush with rare teeths. Apply styling spray on slightly moist hair and start straightening. From below take hair round hairbrush, (take lock not too thick that it well got warm), slightly delay from the head, and from above direct warm air to this lock. And slowly extend until the hairbrush reaches the end of lock. Do the same also with other curls.
  4. The second way – hair straightening by means of the iron. To this adaptation flying is not a lot of, but it has strongly become current fashionistas. It is simpler to work with it, than with the hair dryer, but the same principle. You insert separate locks into the iron and gradually you delay.
  5. Both of these ways keep effect of the straightened hair to the first sink. And then the procedure needs to be repeated regularly.
  6. The chemical way which is carried out in salon gives longer effect. There are such means which allow to straighten hair forever. But at first think, can be there will pass time and you will want to have magnificent curls again. Besides, in salon the professional will pick up the correct structure corresponding to type of your hair. But it is necessary to consider that chemical influence does not take place unnoticed for hair. After chemical straightening it is necessary to look after hair carefully to restore their structure.
  7. For hair care use special means and then, after straightening you should visit the hairdresser less often.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team