How to strengthen decollete skin

How to strengthen decollete skin

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The age of the woman is determined not only on condition of skin of hands, but also how zones of decollete and neck look. Often on photo of celebrities their true age is given by neither marble and smooth face, nor well-groomed hands. But skin of decollete and neck much more sincere. And therefore it is necessary to look after it especially carefully.

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1. Daily arrange to decollete zone skin contrast shower. Wash it at first cold water about half-minute, then is hotter, then again cold. Contrast procedures strengthen skin blood supply, well strengthen it.

2. As contrast procedures use food or cosmetic ice. Just wipe with it skin of neck and decollete every day.

3. Skin of this zone loves salty water. Dissolve 2 fat spoons of sea salt in halfliter of warm water, moisten fabric napkin in solution and impose compress on area of decollete and breast for 15-30 minutes then take shower and use nutritious cream.

4. Strengthen and soften skin of neck and breast with sea-buckthorn oil. Nightly after shower grease this delicate zone with several drops of warm oil (before drawing warm it in palms) and accurately rub the massing movements in the direction from breast to chin.

5. Two-three times a week indulge decollete skin nutritious masks from fruit, fat sour cream, egg yolk, cream, honey, olive oil and to that similar depending on type of your skin. Prepare mask, apply on delicate zone, cover it with fabric napkin (it is possible to moisten fabric in warm water) and sustain 15-20 minutes. Wash away structure and apply nutritious cream to skin.

6. Strengthen decollete skin physical exercises. Exercises for neck, hands, breast, will become good assistants in fight against wrinkles and flabbiness. Daily find a little time for squeezing, moves hands, to exercises for back muscles, few times in week swim in the pool, – and the result will admire you.

7. Care for protection of gentle skin of zone of decollete. Going outside on sunny day by all means you apply on it sunblock cream. And you carry out daily clarification of this zone by means of means for washing which belongs to skin more delicately, than soap and shower gels.

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