How to strengthen growth of bristle

How to strengthen growth of bristle

One of the main and indisputable signs of the real man is the bristle on face. It adds courage and style, and the well-known French nebritost will attract opposite sex. It is a pity that not at all men the small beard well grows, but this problem is solved. Having grown bristle, you receive self-confidence and if you are still young, then you will begin to look much more solidly.


  1. Growth of hair in the person depends on several factors. Such, as: hereditary predisposition, the general constitution of body, testosterone level in blood, level of estrogen, number of the vitamins and minerals which are contained in organism. Not to change the first two factors to you in any way, and to manage here hormones and to regulate the level of vitamins and minerals in organism you can do.
  2. Begin with regulation of hormones. Testosterone level, as well as estrogen in blood depends on your constitution, way of life and food. First of all, it is necessary to refuse caffeine which contains in coffee, tea and energy drinks. Caffeine stimulates production of estrogen which suppresses testosterone. If you have strongly got used to these drinks, then can buy the granulated root of coriander and make it. It tastes like tea mix with coffee, but does not contain caffeine. Further it is necessary to reduce amount of beer to minimum. It stimulates production of estrogen. Still it is necessary to begin to play sports more actively. Physical activities provoke production of testosterone.
  3. Also testosterone level in blood is defined by constitution. The more muscles, the it is higher, and the it is less than muscles more fat deposits (especially in the field of breasts and hips) the above is oestrogenic. At higher content of male sex hormone in organism, besides that face hair will begin to grow quicker, you eshchebudt to feel more surely and better.
  4. The main substance which helps growth of hair is zinc. It most strongly and quickly influences growth of hair. Tsinksoderzhashchy products: walnuts, seeds of pumpkin and sunflower, haricot, eggs. Try to include them in the daily diet.
  5. One more secret of rapid growth of hair in the person is frequent process of shaving. The more often you will have a shave, the hair will grow quicker, but do not forget that they will grow coarse at the same time. Have a shave 2 times a day for two weeks. Then postpone edge. Performing the operations described above, approximately in one or two months, you will see quite good, even the striking results.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team