How to strengthen hair in house conditions

How to strengthen hair in house conditions

In the morning strict bunch, in the afternoon - elegant wave, in the evening - high tail, and next day - shred of hair on pillow. Hair require daily trembling care even if you use protective equipment. Therefore knowledge how to strengthen hair several national recipes, will help you to keep all variety of your daily hairstyles for a long time.

Daily vanity, nervous tension, poor nutrition have an adverse effect on all condition of organism. But first of all it is visible on hair. The dim, weak, splitting, dropping out locks (it is more than 110 filaments a day), which spoil to the hostess not only mood, but also its appearance. To recover hair, integrated approach is required, and it consists of three key stages.

Stage 1. To look after hair daily First, combing. Do not stint and care for hair hairbrushes only with natural bristle. Pay attention to massage of head skin. You do not finger hair, touch them as seldom as possible.

Stage 2. Masks for hair That hair well grew, it is necessary to provide food hair follicle. For this purpose various masks on the basis of natural ingredients are since ancient times used. They are simple and compound. The effect of course depends on products, frequency and time of application.Oils

Rubbing in of natural oils in head skin, is one of the most effective means. It can be sea-buckthorn, castoric, burdock and other oils and also their mix. Simple application: with care rub oil in roots, put on cellophane hat, then wrap up with towel and wait for 35 - 50 minutes. After – wash away. It is necessary to repeat this procedure from two times a week to achieve health of hair.

 Difficult masochka for strengthening of hair ​1. 1 h castor oil, 2 h ethyl alcohol (96%). To Vmassirovat in head skin and to leave on three – four hours. To wash away shampoo, then slightly acidic water (lemon juice, vinegar). Apply once a week and your hair will densely grow. Rubbing in of mix of castor oil and cod-liver oil in identical parts is also effective.

  1. One of the most popular and effective masks for strengthening of hair becomes so: honey spoon, yolk and the third ingredient at choice, proceeding from what is at home. It can be: castor oil, tincture of red pepper, burdock oil + the crushed segment chesnochka. Rub in skin, wrap up with towel and wash away in hour. It is possible to hold longer.
  2. The srub is useful to the head, but only if you have not strongly sensitive skin. The soaked bread crumb, the crushed garlic glove and coarse salt (it is better sea, but also cooking it is possible). To mass fingers indumentum, then to wrap up and wait one hour, to wash away.
  3. Juice. Grate bulb, squeeze out juice through marlechka of the received gruel. Rub juice in head skin. It is possible to add garlic juice also.

Stage 3. Washing and rinsing of hair is desirable to Wash hair in boiled water, but if it is not possible then rinse with various broths: from crusts of garnet, bark of oak, roots of burdock, camomile, nettle and other herbs. Choose ingredient according to the type of hair. It is good to rinse hair with acid water. At the same time scales on hair are densely closed. Every other time, instead of shampoo use mix from the shaken-up eggs and warm water. You put its two times and wash away. The way is suitable for oily hair. The most important, how exactly you wash hair. It is necessary to do it in the direction of hair, without fingering them. To soap only roots of hair, and the ends will be washed with the turned-out foam when rinsing. Drink vitamins of group B and daily on half-glass of broth from nettle, calendula and root of burdock (result in month). If the mask is badly washed away, add to alcohol water. Be not afraid that there will be smell from onions mask. It is not felt after washing of hair. Apply everything in complex and systematically. Remember that the result will come in 2 - 4 weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team