How to struggle with acne rash

How to struggle with acne rash

Earlier doctors considered that acne rash arises because of bacteria which get to integument time, and appointed antibiotics. But, according to numerous researches, this judgment has been disproved. Besides antibiotics are not too useful to liver. Today doctors have completely refused antibiotics.

In youth the acne rash (acne) develops when puberty begins. Pink pimples are formed later. Usually eels appear around nose wings, pour out on chin, cover forehead and the center of the person. 

  It is several reasons for that:

- problems with stomach or disorder with intestines;

- irrational food (the organism has not enough vitamins and minerals).

At women of middle age in the period of menopause the rash can also begin. Sometimes the organism of women badly perceives contraceptives and reacts in the form of pimples. If skin is inclined to inflammations, then it is not necessary to irritate it with improper lotions, ointments. Only the dermatologist will be able to prescribe you suitable course of treatment and the necessary ointment.

Small pimples can develop into unpleasant disease – dermatitis. The main symptoms are – emergence of small capillaries, reddening, spots or even blisters on skin. There can be gnoynichka and red pimples. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to find out what causes. And there can be at the person allergy to some medicine or product?

Treatment by medicines which cornerstone retinoic acid is can be the most effective. This treatment can help, but also side effects – headaches, irritation of eyes, increase in cholesterol and so on can appear. Before taking any drug, you have to undergo full inspection. Retinoic acid can contain in some creams and ointments.

If the patient has dermatitis, then it is undesirable to carry out peelings.

It is possible to do micropeelings to disinfect skin and to release follicles from contents.

In certain cases it is possible to perform laser therapy at which skin is disinfected and purified, at the same time the risk of formation of hems decreases.

If you have noticed acne rash on face, at once go to the dermatologist. He will register all necessary procedures. Do not tighten and as it is possible rather begin treatment.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team