How to struggle with dryness of lips

How to struggle with dryness of lips

If your lips have reddened, have cracked or became very dry, then even the joyful smile causes painful feelings. Sometimes cracks begin to bleed and very difficult to feel self-confidence, when there is no opportunity to eat or laugh normally. How to be in that case? What will help to correct situation?

That lips did not dry up, burst less, use lip balm, especially when on the street it is frosty. Before leaving the room, apply balm on lips several times. Even if you are not going to leave the house – use balm after meal, drink or wipe of lips. It will protect gentle skin from any negative impact.

In sunny and hot weather balm will also not prevent, but in addition use cream with sun-protection effect. Long stay in the sun overdries thin and sensitive skin of lips and leads to peeling, dehydration and cracking.

If you are on the street at bright sun, it is possible to cover the surface of lips with fat lipstick. Similar cosmetic creates protective lightproof layer and protects lips from solar influence.

When lips burst often, the probability of hit of infection is high. That it did not happen, use ointments with hydrocortisone or antibiotics, especially if very deep or them there is a lot of crack.

It should be noted that lips are shelled and burst at lack of vitamins of group B and iron. Therefore drink special vitamin complexes and include in the diet more products with the content of necessary vitamins and minerals.

Do not forget to use regularly more water because wetting of lips reduces peeling and dryness from within.

Use beeswax. This best means for treatment of cracks and dryness of skin.

Try not to lick dry lips once again. Moisture quickly evaporates, and skin dries even quicker. Also saliva contains in small amount enzymes which do not bring benefit to your lips.

At constant dryness and cracking, pay attention to toothpaste which you use daily. On some components entering dental preparation there is allergic reaction. Try to change toothpaste or couple of days it not to use, having replaced with soda or suitable tooth-powder.

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