How to struggle with hair loss at lactation

How to struggle with hair loss at lactation

During pregnancy the hair at many women considerably change, becoming dense and dense. Loss almost stops, and for several months of expectation of the kid future mother finds beautiful head of hear. After the delivery the situation sharply changes: hair begin to drop out with the doubled force, quite often leaving the feeding mother with the real high temples.


  1. You treat the strengthened hair loss during lactation as to natural and inevitable process. As a rule, it begins in 3-4 months after the delivery and about half a year lasts. Unfortunately, natural feeding can prolong this period. It is only worth being anxious when hair drop out locks, and all this lasts long too.
  2. Be prepared for hair loss for lactation. If during pregnancy you were not cut, it is a high time to pay visit to hairdressing salon. Long hair – heavier therefore the short hairstyle will a little facilitate situation. At home collect hair in soft bunch or not really dense braid not to find them then on all apartment. In the evening and in the morning delicately comb locks, completing process by self-massage of head skin within 1-2 minutes. Wash hair in process of pollution even if in the course of their washing drops out more, than usually as excessive fat on head skin facilitates loss of hair from bulb. Avoid aggressive laying, pulling by the iron and nippers. Hold off lamination and chemical wave.
  3. Consult with the endocrinologist. As a rule, the strengthened hair loss during feeding by breast is connected with sharp falling in estrogen level organism. Make tests on hormonal background to define how critical situation at you. In a number of hard cases the doctor can appoint drug intake as estrogen influences not only condition of hair therefore the level of this hormone needs to be supported in the necessary indicators.
  4. Keep to diet in which surely there has to be enough protein, carbohydrates and useful fats. At observance of the balanced menu even the long lactation is not capable to do much harm to mother's organism. Except traditional vitamins for the feeding women, accept courses cod-liver oil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team