How to struggle with wrinkles

How to struggle with wrinkles

There is no woman (at any age) who did not want to see herself in mirror well-groomed and that skin was in excellent condition. Not to spoil hairstyle, we are ready to go without cap. We go on rigid diets, we starve to get rid of extra kilos. But the mirror prompts to us that you had had wrinkles. What to do?

It appears, and it can do to you. We offer number of simple councils how to get rid of wrinkles and not to do much harm to health.

The main, balanced diet saturated with vitamins and useful enzymes. Any alcohol and smoking. You should not forget about walks on fresh air, about sports activities. Even, foot walk within 2-3 hours, is capable to increase intake of oxygen. If you have decided to lose weight by holiday, then you can get to yourself several unpleasant wrinkles. If you were going to the beach or to the dacha where it is necessary to sunbathe, take protective cream. Buy good sunglasses. Do not save on cosmetics. It is better to overpay and buy quality cosmetics. As around eyes skin the most gentle, cream has to be special there. When drawing make-up, it is not necessary to stretch skin.

You sleep so much to feel well-rested. If you have not slept, then in organism surplus of cortisol is developed. This hormone has negative effect on epidermis.

You watch mimicry and try to squint less. Facial muscles at the same time strain and "flute" - wrinkle appears. Do not forget about the moisturizing creams and mousses. If it is good to moisturize the skin, then it will look fresh.

Include more vegetables and fruit which contain vitamins and other useful substances in diet. For example, in oranges and lemons there is a lot of vitamin C which is capable to remove mean radicals. It is possible to struggle with wrinkles also in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to rub vegetable marrow, to lay out it on gauze and on the person. Lie down minutes 30. The skin will well be moisturized, and processes of exchange in skin cells will begin to become active. Take lemon, carrots and wring out juice. Now it should be mixed with rice flour and curdled milk. Previously clean face skin and put mask. Repeat this procedure not less than 20 times. Grate crude potatoes and gruel apply on half an hour. To wash away mask warm water and to apply the moisturizing cream.

It is possible to grate potatoes and fresh cucumber, to mix and apply to the cleaned skin. It is better to wash away the water which is slightly acidified by lemon juice. Then, it is necessary to make light massage and to apply the moisturizing cream. If you have freckles or pigmental spots, then you will be helped out by parsley broth. Besides, parsley juice well influences condition of skin. It becomes fresh, smooth.

At any age the woman has to look good. If the girl (woman) is accustomed to look after herself (skin, hair, nails), then both in 40 and in 60 years she will look perfectly.

The main thing not to be lazy and allocate for itself "darling" at least 30 minutes. But it is possible to begin to look after also in 40 years. Only it should be done regularly and your wrinkles will begin to disappear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team