How to style extension hair

How to style extension hair

Short and fine hair is not problem for their owners any more. Today practically in any hairdressing salon you will be able to increase hair which will look naturally and will give splendor and density to your hairstyle. But that not the head of hear really looked beautifully, it is necessary to look after it and to stack correctly.

It is required to you

  • - hair dryer;
  • - shampoo;
  • - varnish or skin;
  • - invisible beings;
  • - hairpins.


  1. Before laying take care of that your hair were clean and not confused. When you wash extension hair, do not hold on them long various shampoos, conditioners and masks. Do not incline the head forward. Wash it in the direction of growth of hair – it will allow to avoid sputyvaniye.
  2. During combing do not do sharp movements. Use crest with rare teeths. Hold locks and begin with their tips, gradually combing all hair. Avoid intensive drying of locks. If you have obedient hair, and you do not hurry, let better them dry up independently. If you washed the head before going to bed, then better not hardly braid hair to the spit or tie in tail, but you do not go to bed with moist curls.
  3. Having decided to make laying on extension hair you remember that now procedures standard at first sight (drying phenom, wave, straightening by the iron, coloring, etc.) can badly be reflected in their state. If you have opportunity, ask for the help the hairdresser. It is desirable that it was that master who increased to you hair as he knows features of material.
  4. High temperatures – the main enemy of the increased locks. Do not concern the place of fastening of hair nippers, the hair dryer or hair curlers at all. Therefore as seldom as possible use these objects for laying or then apply special nutritious cosmetics to extension hair. For laying select cosmetics with neutral level rn.
  5. Extension hair gives broad lands when choosing option of laying. Now you have long hair which can be braided, pinned up differently by means of hairpins and invisible beings, to do high laying or to twist in curls. The only thing that cannot be allowed, it that when laying the place of fastening were noticeable. Just experiment houses several times with hairstyle that then for exit you have created faultless image.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team