How to style fluffy hair

How to style fluffy hair

The curling, curly hair – surprising gift of the nature. And still – remarkable natural women's ornament. The men's look will never remain indifferent to female curls. However except ornament the wavy hair still demand from the owner of the victims, namely – leaving and care. Most often they not only curl, but also are fluffy. Fluffy hair care – the whole art, however, quite available to each beauty.

It is required to you

  • Curly hair shampoo, balm, mask and special means for laying will be required.


  1. Let's begin with the fact that fluffy hair, as a rule, disobedient and resist laying. It hair to give the form extremely difficult, stubborn hairs strive to be beaten out from lump all the time. In what the reason of fluffiness? At aggressive impact on hair, for example, when coloring, the hair core needs more and more time for restoration. The hair core looks as the core covered with scales. In normal conditions of scale densely adjoin to each other. If for hair their habitat is uncomfortable, for example, at the increased humidity – these scales reveal, the distance between them grows that leads not only to hit in hair of hazardous substances, but also to certain appearance, that naughtiness and fluffiness. Curly hair suffers from the similar phenomena much more often. It is possible to save hair and to give them the necessary form by means of special shampoos, balms and masks and also skins and gels for actually laying.
  2. Make regular use of shampoos and fluffy, curly hair balms. It will allow you to accustom unruly hair to discipline, to make them softer and inclined to laying – these means will lay hair scales, will force them to lay down correctly, doing, thus, each hair smooth.
  3. Balm — the main nutritious hair preparation. The fact that it heals injuries of hair and delivers it additional food belongs to advantages of balm.
  4. The fact that hair curl and fluffy – yet does not say that they are sore. No, they can be quite healthy – just they like to show the independent character. Special masks will be very useful to mitigation. For example, the mask from white henna is very effective. Henna will make too soft hair more elastic, and here – will perfectly soften rigid. One more well proved mask following: crush banana and two apples in the blender, add two-three spoons of glycerin and you apply this mix after washing of hair on the dried hair, distributing on all length. Musk can hold ten minutes and then to wash away warm water.
  5. Starting directly laying, use skin or the gel which is specially intended for this purpose. If you have fine hair – you can use means of average extent of fixing if is more normal – it is possible to take means with the maximum effect. It is better to apply skin and gel on the washed-up hair which are well dried up by towel. The skin will be suitable for fine hair more, and gel – for more elastic.

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